ADAM: Create a “DataFi” ecosystem and become the preferred data source for Dapps

4 min readJun 29, 2022

In 2021, ADAM took the lead in launching the first data encryption and computing network based on Web3.0, and pioneered the “DataFi” application. Currently, ADAM is building a full-stack on-chain data service, visual data analysis tools and platforms.

In the traditional financial market, Bloomberg is the world’s largest financial market data and information service provider, with business all over the world. ADAM is similar to Bloomberg on the chain and is mainly used for encrypted data calculation, transaction profits , monitoring and comparison of potential investments and execution analysis. As of September 2021, there are 76 million digital currency users worldwide, a year-on-year increase of more than 40%.

Data exists as an infrastructure in the encrypted financial market and plays an important role. Having data also means having a leading position. As a new favorite in the financial market, blockchain finance is continuously integrating with traditional finance at a rapid pace, and the demand scenarios for on-chain data (digital currency and DeFi) generated here are also expanding rapidly. But at this stage, “the cost of understanding data on the chain”, “the difficulty of data analysis” and “technical requirements for data processing” have become three key factors that hinder users from acquiring and analyzing data.

Unlike many platforms (such as Dune, Covalent, Nansen, etc.) that focus on the analysis of Ethereum on-chain data, ADAM, as an emerging blockchain data service provider, took the lead in completing the deployment of contracts on the BSC chain and the creation of the decentralized autonomous organization ADAO . In addition, ADAM is accelerating the coverage of more public chains and platforms with its natural cross-chain advantages and global node network.

ADAM has launched two major businesses for users: ADAM node pledge and “DataFi”

ADAM Node Staking

As the core of ADAM business, node pledge aims to provide a computing power foundation for the data encryption and computing network and a more convenient way for global nodes to achieve continuous income, which is also one of the main sources of token ADAM output.

Currently, we can view the real-time progress of ADAM node staking from AdamScan. As of press time, the participating computing power of the entire ADAM network has reached 227,051 TIB, the ADAM pledge amount has reached 6,767,410, and the total pledge value is about 39.48 million USDT.

For ADAM node pledge, AdamScan lists the trend graph of simple APY or TVL. ADAM learns from Glassnode, borrows traditional indicators to enrich our interpretation of ADAM pledge pool data, and produces more derivative data with Pool analysis as the entry point. Through these derived data, we can calculate the APY data during the investment cycle to understand the changes in volatility. These deep processing analytical capabilities are also one of the characteristic applications of ADAM.


DataFi is a commercial application of ADAM to realize the assetization of on- chain data. It can provide visual on-chain data services , covering the chain, contract address, wallet address, pool, Token and other multi-dimensional basis and derivative indicators. At present, DataFi focuses on the commercialization and development of six major sectors: on-chain data retrieval, on-chain data analysis platform construction, Oracle oracle function optimization, data monitoring plug-in development, data visualization display, and on-chain integrated marketing.

ADAM DataFi is not just a known chain, currency, or pool, but more about building data applications around the underlying data. These data blocks are closely related to the governance of data on the chain, allowing ecological participants to carry out the secondary development of data, and individual investors, media parties, project developers, communities, institutions, etc. can all participate. As the first data encryption and computing network based on Web3.0, ADAM launched the DataFi application to allow anyone to quickly build their own personalized data charts and easily gain insight into the value of data on the chain. Every role that participates in data circulation, such as data, data storage, and data usage, can obtain corresponding benefits.




The first data encryption and computing network in the Web3.0