ADAM — A practical on-chain data computing network

4 min readJul 27, 2022

On-chain data processing may be a familiar or unfamiliar topic to everyone. Any blockchain industry participant can “manufacture” on-chain data, such as an on-chain transfer, a transaction, etc. Today, We will focus on ADAM as the first Web3.0-based data encryption computing network, which can bring practical functions such as data retrieval and analysis on the chain and the tools that can be used, so that everyone can have a preliminary understanding of ADAM.

In the blockchain industry, such data-driven projects represented by Dapp will always come into contact with a variety of on-chain data. These data reflect and measure the daily work of industry participants. important stuff. Before explaining ADAM, first of all, we need to understand that data on the chain has developed into a brand-new asset in the Web3.0 era, and the new commodity model, new factor market, and new value mechanism generated by data assetization will be the future to achieve inclusiveness and promotion. A new driving force for the development of the digital economy. Data, computing power, and algorithms are all accelerating, and the entire physical world, economic world, and social life are being digitized.

We can see that ADAM, as the first data encryption computing network based on Web3.0, is the first to deploy a global computing power network, which not only includes the “oracle machine”, a tool for data transmission on the chain, but also distributed secondly, ADAM proposed the concept of “DataFi”, and is currently developing and expanding its application; moreover, ADAM is building a comprehensive data analysis platform on the chain, which is also a continuous and efficient use of the value of data on the chain. important project.

As the lifeblood of the economy, ADAM tokens must run through the entire ecology of the project development. This is not only an inevitable requirement for the sustainable development of the project, but also an inevitable choice to realize the project vision, so that every role participating in data circulation can benefit from ADAM development.

Whether it is on-chain data or off-chain data, data processing tools, analysis methods, and analytical thinking generally need to be considered when processing data. In the whole structure, the tool is located at the bottom, which is equivalent to a base and a carrier to realize our analytical methods and thinking. In the ADAM project, there are many data processing tools, such as: distributed data source base, server system Supervisor and so on.

Usually, we tend to divide tool types into two categories: code classes and PC classes. I believe that many people have some understanding of the early computers. The early computers realized their functions by writing code. With the development of technology, the code has gradually become an interface that can interact and operate. This huge change reduces the It reduces the cognitive cost and learning cost of users. There is currently no specific timetable for the open source work of ADAM tokens, and interface tools have been put into use in several stages, such as the blockchain browser ADAMScan, ADAM Box and the data integration platform that will be opened in the future. These are all effective tools for users to quickly understand and use ADAM functions.

If there is a data visualization tool now that can meet our needs for “cool” and at the same time allow each of us to create our own visualization works on the chain, I think this tool is worth recommending. I am referring to the on-chain data visualization application built by ADAM.

I recommend this app for several reasons:

1. Provides a lot of on-chain data visualization templates, which can greatly satisfy our pursuit of beautiful design. In my opinion, beauty is the first driving force.

2. The operation is simple enough, we can change the shape of the picture by modifying the data in the case. I just need to adjust the value of the content to complete a brand new picture.

3. Provide data sources, and there are many data sources built into this website, we can easily find and use them.

With the on-chain data provided by ADAM as support and blessing, the user’s development and promotion process can also be smoother. How, doesn’t it sound delicious! Of course, the data encryption computing network provided by ADAM is also a tool application. The use of tools is not only the learning tool itself, but also the exploration and thinking of the development direction behind the industry.




The first data encryption and computing network in the Web3.0