Across the bulls and bears, ADAM, which continues to rise steadily, will become the new leader of the oracle track?

5 min readJan 29, 2022

As the Federal Reserve’s desire to raise interest rates becomes stronger, the overall cryptocurrency market is becoming increasingly sluggish. According to coinmarketcap data, BTC fell rapidly from around $69,000 in early November last year, and once fell below $40,000. Although the decline has lasted for nearly 3 months, the market still shows no obvious signs of stabilizing. BTC, the industry wind vane, can continue to fall by more than 40%, and other currencies are even worse. In this situation, is there no investment opportunity in the market? The answer is: no. From the secondary market alone, investors should look for “strong coins” regardless of bulls and bears, and it is easier to find them in bear markets. ADAM is a typical “strong currency”.

According to DODO market data, ADAM has maintained a steady upward trend since its launch, and has risen by nearly 40% against the market in the past three months, which is just the opposite of the trend of BTC.

According to official information, ADAM is the token of the ADAMoracle oracle machine, and is currently only listed on the decentralized exchange DODO. An oracle is an essential service facility in the blockchain industry. The overall market has turned bearish, and capital and institutions are more likely to do practical projects with clear prospects, which may be one of the reasons for the continued strength of ADAM.

By counting the overall performance of the secondary market of top oracle projects in the industry, it can be found that ADAM’s market trend is thriving even in the oracle track.It is worth noting that the recent trend of Chainlink, which is in the absolute leading position of the oracle machine, has also plummeted, and ADAM has grown into the second largest project in the field, and its market value has more than tripled that of the third.

ADAMoracle rises against the market or will become a new leader in the oracle track?

ADAMoracle is the first decentralized oracle that supports wide-area node price feeding. It is a blockchain infrastructure service facility for building web 3.0. It can provide smart contract developers with comprehensive tools and data, as well as more secure and convenient predictions. Machine overall solution. Its purpose is to build a decentralized oracle network that is safe, credible, accurate, prevent witch attacks, and can maintain itself, replace traditional oracles with Turing intelligence, and build a distributed wide-area node oracle network that enters Web3.0 ecology.

The oracle is a data service provider, and many DAPP price demands are met by it. At this stage, security incidents such as oracle attacks still occur frequently in the market. ADAMoracle ADAMoracle proposes a new overall solution for the oracle machine to address the pain points such as opacity, non-uniformity, inaccuracy, difficulty in expansion and poor attack resistance of the data transmitted by the oracle machine. ADAMoracle has effectively built a secure and scalable oracle price feeding system through the combination of blockchain technology and advanced technologies such as 5G, big data, and the Internet of Things, which can not only ensure the safety, accuracy and effectiveness of each data transmission service, but also It can also effectively reduce data usage costs.

ADAMoracle ecological token is ADAM, and 60% of its share is the output of node mining. Since the launch of ADAMoracle’s first wide-area node mining, it has brought considerable benefits to the majority of nodes and investors.

At present, the computing power of ADAMoracle wide-area node mining network has reached 93465TIB, and the average output annualized income is as high as 400%.In addition, the token ADAM has continued to rise by more than 35%, which has brought a lot of dynamic benefits to participating nodes.

The influence of ADAMoracle is sweeping from Europe and the United States to all over the world

When it comes to oracles, people in the industry seem to only think of Chainlink for the first time, but with the arrival of ADAMoracle, this situation may change.

ADAMoracle US Twitter was created in April 2021 and currently has about 37,000 followers. However, this is only one of the channels through which ADAMoracle officially announces its news to the public. Such accounts have been opened in Vietnam, Japan and other countries. In addition, ADAMoracle has successfully built Telegram communities, Discord and other traffic portals in many countries and regions, and the total number of users in the community exceeds 100,000+.

At present, ADAMoracle is actively expanding the global market. On January 16, 2022, Japan’s CDSS held the “ADAM New World” project briefing session in Tokyo, and took the form of online and offline simultaneous live broadcast. Tokuji, the lecturer, introduced the future technology path and application scenarios of ADAM in detail. , attracting enthusiasts from Japan, South Korea, the United States, Canada, Dubai and other countries to participate in the conference.

In just one year, the ADAMoracle project has held dozens of online or offline conferences around the world, and its influence is rapidly spreading from Europe and the United States to all over the world.

In the crypto world, the replacement of old and new projects is faster than people imagine. In just one round of bear and bull rotation, the top 100 projects by market capitalization may have been reshuffled. The bear market is the best time for emerging projects to rise. The ADAMoracle project is ready in terms of capital, traffic, market, and technology. Will it be the new leader in the oracle track?




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