【Tech progress】

1. The Supervisor plug-in is optimized and upgraded to solve the compatibility problem of higher version systems;

2. The ADAM smart contract address has been deployed on Binance Smart Chain, and the mapping of ADAM was completed;

3. The optimization of ADAMBox has been completed. optimized the contract authorization and…

The ADAMoracle wide-area node network has been officially launched. According to the rules during the test period, all users who participate in the “StarCraft” and have a storage space of more than 100T after the official network goes online will receive an additional 20% of the borrowed coin mining quota…

ADAMoracle Lab has completed the token mapping upgrade for ADAM holders at 24:00 on November 17th, Singapore time. Users can add the token through the new contract address:

ADAM trading on the decentralized exchange DODO will restart at 15:00 on November 18th, Singapore time.

According to official news, ADAMoracle Lab decided to upgrade the mapping for supporters holding ADAM at 18:00 on November 16th, Singapore time. At the same time suspend trading on the DODO exchange. The team will complete the ADAM 1:1 airdrop before 24:00 on November 17th, Singapore time. ADAM holders can map the new contract address through the official announcement. After the mapping is completed, users can continue to trade on the DODO exchange.
During the mapping period, please keep ADAM tokens in a fixed wallet address to avoid any losses.

【Tech progress】

1. The supervisor( Plug-in) version is optimized and upgraded to solve the related problems reported by users during the public beta;

2. The linear release rules are updated, and the linear releasing mechanism of ADAM is implemented in the contract;

3. The ADAMBox mortgage function realizes that after each order…


1st decentralized oracle that supports wide-area node quotation

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